Metal Hip Replacement Toxicity Symptoms

Hip replacement is used as surgery for people who are suffering chronic hip pain and hip injuries. During hip replacement surgery, the damaged cartilage and bone are removed from your hip joint and are replaced with new, man-made parts. This will eventually ease the pain, aid in better hip joint mobility by improving your walking and other movements. However, hundreds of thousands of hip-replacement patients have been exposed to dangerously high levels of toxic metals from failing implants, according to media reports. There are a number of cases of metal toxicity reported in Texas.Hip replacement rejection is testified by hip replacement symptoms and this is a quite common occurrence. But regardless of their reputation, it is very important to identify them earlier on before they cause any damage to your new implant. Studies have also shown that metal ions can damage bone and muscle, leach into the bloodstream, and spread to the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, and kidneys, researchers noted. There are also concerns about damage to chromosomes that can lead to genetic changes.

The obvious consequence of metal implants is that metal debris from the implant can enter your blood stream. As this clutter journeys throughout the body it mixes with several proteins in the blood, thus causing an allergy based reaction by the immune system. Such a ostensibly naive immune system reaction can then result in allergic reaction symptoms occurring in areas where the debris has landed. Skin rashes are the most widespread hypersensitive reactions, followed by fever, inflammation, pain, eczema and even swelling. So if you are going through these kinds of reactive symptoms you might need to actually see the Orthopedic who performed the operation.

If you’re facing hip replacement, it’s critical to learn everything you can BEFORE your surgery – so you can make the best-informed decisions possible about your future treatment. Talk to a doctor about what are the alternatives of hip replacement. In this case, you can have more options. These events lead to a rise in the number of lawsuits filed against the manufacturers of these metal hip implants. The DePuy hip replacement statistics provides you more information as regard the risks of a metal hip implant.


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